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11:01 pm, September 23, 2014

Bad Blood DLC Delayed

Again, the Season Pass owners in Europe is not getting DLC as scheduled. I put news in this thread, because it seems people are wondering where the DLC is and there is no official announcement.




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DLC disappeared!

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11:01 pm, October 21, 2014 Hi I bought the season pass of watch dogs and when i tried to download the dlc bad blood it's finished to download and stuck on "waiting to install" almost 24 hours and i tried to turn off [..] View

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better gunfights and driving- 5 things needed ubi plz read!

11:01 pm, October 15, 2014 1) if the gushots sounded REAL instead of like popping bubble wrap 2) if you had more people fighting WITH you (perhapes online human or A.I-controlled crews) 3) if you could have RPG's, bolt-action [..] View

Police Car, Firetruck and Ambulance. (XBox 360 Singleplayer)

3:01 am, October 15, 2014 Hey guys. First sorry for my bad english :/ I'm brazilian (I'm not HUE '-') . Ok, now I want to know if I need complete a mission to Police Cars spawn on Police Departament, because I've finished the [..] View

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Watch Dogs Freezes

11:01 pm, October 13, 2014 Just got the Watch Dogs game today After the first Cut screen the audio came out chopy I restarted and it seemed okay for a while Then the first mission to catch a criminal I caught up with the gu [..] View

Car scene always freezes

11:01 pm, October 11, 2014 Every time I get to the first time you use a car, it freezes. The green icon pops up and stays there. I cannot do anything besides restarting and trying again. Not only that butbwhen I lose and rel [..] View

Citizen Vehicles

11:01 pm, October 11, 2014 Love the game, been having a blast with it.... BUT! The civilian cars are getting out of control... During a cTos mission or hell just driving in free roam the civilian cars run the intersections, co [..] View

Watch dogs won't launch after bad blood patch.

3:01 am, October 11, 2014 After the update when I click play game it syncs the save data and achievements and tne try to launch the game but, then comes back thank you for playing watch dogs. I have already uninstalled and re [..] View

Bad blood trophies won't appear.

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Hope someone can help! I finished the mission and got my trophies for that but none of the other trophies for fixers, militia etc. will drop. Playing on the ps4. Am I missing something or is this a [..] View


11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 I downloaded a new update for the game Watch_Dogs, but it doesnt work. It says: Unable to start the game. Please check that your game has been installed correctly. If the problem persists, please cont [..] View

Bug Watch Dogs Trafico de personas/ human trafficking(PS4)

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Tengo un error/Bug en la las misiones de investigación de trafico de personas y lo que me ocurre es que tengo completado el juego al 100% y aun así sigue apareciendo un icono sob [..] View

More and diffirent/better outfits and weapon crafiting system

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Anyone sick of the fact that there is only 1 or 2 outfits you can where in watch dogs and how the only thing you can change are the colors? it'd be GREAT if there where dozens, if not hundreds of diff [..] View

Running Animation

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 I know this sounds like a trivial thing but its something that makes a world of difference. I noticed the way how Aiden runs in the E3 2012 demo all the way to the E3 2013 one compared to how he runs [..] View

shooting ranges, more indoor places and other stuff

3:01 am, October 7, 2014 Im getting very tired of having to shoot at nothing or at civilians for target practice in watch dogs. mabye adding a shooting range with both stationary and moving targets at varying distances could [..] View

Multiplayer lag (ps4)

3:01 am, October 6, 2014 First of all i've noticed that after 2-3 matches in Decryption i should relog because of low fps, it just falls down. Second - traffic in the city is just crazy, absolutelly no rules. Cars just mer [..] View

Game will not load on PS3 after clean installl

11:01 pm, October 4, 2014 Just bought the game, inserted the disc into my perfectly working PS3 with latest firmware. 1) Followed prompt to download 1.04 in order to play 2) Patch and game download / install to 100% 3) The loa [..] View

Beyond Stupid

11:01 pm, October 3, 2014 Anybody else find it beyond stupid how you can be "Hacked" or "Tailed" while you are Paused and in the Menu settings and can't see or hear anything within the game so you have no c [..] View

Ubi should make a dlc with new multi and single player fixer mission types

11:01 pm, October 3, 2014 how about new missions such as those shown at the E3 2012 demo. e.g assasinations, mercenary contracts (where you fight with a group of A.I-controlled people instead of fighting alone), clearing gang [..] View

Missing sound effects.

11:01 pm, October 3, 2014 I seem to be completely missing a lot of the sound effects in this game, unless there's just no effects for certain things, which I find hard to believe. I've just started the game and I've noticed so [..] View

Bad Blood, out of control ambulances?

11:01 pm, October 2, 2014 Maybe I'm losing my mind... but after seeing it twice I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the following: Twice while playing Bad Blood I've come across ambulances that go crazy. If approached, [..] View

5 things that could make watch dogs better ubi plz read!

11:01 pm, October 1, 2014 1) the abillity to customise cars and weapons like in far cry 3 2) more weapons (such as rocket launchers and RPG's, LMG's bolt-action sniper rifles 3) new clothing types (e.g new hats and headgear, [..] View

What Time will bad blood be playable

11:01 pm, September 30, 2014 I didn't get in quick enough to get the early access and the other details state the 30th Sept, but no actual time or time zone of when it will appear in my games menu system. It's currently the 30th [..] View

stupid gang missions.

11:01 pm, September 30, 2014 Nice variation in the driver missions in bad blood, but the others are just stupidly difficult/impossible **** no one while hacking two laptops. And 3 snipers on a roof right next to the second lapto [..] View

BAD BLOOD - Are some vehicles meant to be unavailable to unlock? Missing 8

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 I have tried everything I know. Pedestrians no longer give out any vehicles or music (bug?) when hacked. My DLC content is completed. At 100% game completion. The driving missions, where you get in [..] View

Bad Blood: Street Sweep driving missions

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 I must admit I am finding the driving missing really challenging. I am stuck on two which are stopping me progressing: 'Aegis' and 'Ripped'. The first because there is so little I can do to prevent [..] View

Online Hacking - camping v. Hiding?

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 I've heard a lot of back and forth on this, but am curious on this point. Isn't the goal of online hacking to not get caught by any means necessary? If you find a good hiding space to wait out the h [..] View

Backseat Driver Mission. No internet connection.

3:01 am, September 29, 2014 Hey, in Act 1 there's this mission "Backseat Driver". When I try to play it (on PS3) I am forced to do an online hacking mission first. The problem is I have no wi-fi at home, so I cannot ad [..] View

Can T-Bone get invaded? Also: where's Dark Steering?

11:01 pm, September 28, 2014 No-one has invaded me yet while playing Bad Blood. I'm pretty glad about this, since you start off poorly equipped compared to the state my Aiden is in. But I wondered, is there a watershed point in t [..] View

Loss of all save game data for watch dogs

11:01 pm, September 28, 2014 Installed the latest title update on my xbox 360 yesterday 27.09.2014 was playing the game for about an hour then it just froze and once it reloaded everything was gone cash, weapons, crafted items, p [..] View

hideout trouble in bad blood dlc ps4

11:01 pm, September 27, 2014 Hi there I was trying to go to the other hideout locations just messing around and discovered that each hideout besides the one T-bone has himself shows up on the mini map and when you try to go eithe [..] View

Less Repetitive Side Missions

11:01 pm, September 27, 2014 Hi Today I'd like to bring up something I really disliked about Watch Dogs is the amount of side missions/investigations that are entirely the same. I mean the 40 fixer contracts don't seem vary too [..] View

Watch dogs over gta 5

3:01 am, September 27, 2014 Hello, all, My freind wants to know if he should get grand theft auto 5 or watch dogs. I need some stackup or somthing to give to him explaing which one is better and why (i love them both, but I pers [..] View

It's 5:30 EST which means 2:30 PST

11:01 pm, September 26, 2014 So where is Bad Blood for 360? I got an update and message that says its available but when I click on xbox store in game its not on the list and its not on the xbox store if I exit out of the game ei [..] View

ATTN Ubisoft

11:01 pm, September 26, 2014 I am not going to be hostile and stupid like other gaming fans, but you should know that it is 10:26 EST, 7:26 PST and there is still no sign of the Bad Blood DLC for the 360 in the in game menu or Xb [..] View

Map Keeps Popping Up While Driving

3:01 am, September 26, 2014 Anyone else having this issue? I assume I am somehow hitting the map button while I'm driving, but if I am, I don't notice it and can't figure out how to stop it. But it's made the game virtually unpl [..] View

Weapons missing from inventory

11:01 pm, September 25, 2014 Is there a limit to the number of weapons you can carry in Bad Blood? I had the single shot grenade launcher, played some missions and picked up some sniper rifles which go in the same inventory slot [..] View

Xbox 360 Bad Blood DLC update for Season Pass owners

11:01 pm, September 25, 2014 The Xbox 360 version of Watch Dogs Bad Blood for Season Pass holders will be available globally at 2am PT tomorrow morning. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our Xbox 360 Season Pass hol [..] View

Ubisoft lied about COOP in Bad Blood

11:01 pm, September 25, 2014 In recent Twich preview of the upcoming DLC - Bad Blood, one of the developers talked about the new COOP multiplayer game mode. He described the amazing random generated ENDLESS missions, that will gi [..] View

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