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11:01 pm, July 22, 2014

Chicago South Club outfit

Does anyone know what this symbol means? I'm not so stupid to not think that this is the symbolism of the "club." Just do not remember somewhere else met this symbol in the game. With the "Club" in the game you face constantly, but I have not seen once this symbol, except on this outfit.



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lose of frames from 60 frames to 6 frames

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11:01 pm, October 19, 2014 i just found out there is this option in the menu saying "reset side content" what does it reset? does it reset gang hideout? does it reset convoy missions? does it show all the location [..] View

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Bug with the walking animation

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Possible solution for stuttering

11:01 pm, October 13, 2014 I turned off my Hyper-Threading on my i7 and the stuttering went away. I no longer believe that this is a problem with NVidia SLI. I suggest everyone try to turn off their Hyper-Threading or the AMD e [..] View

cannot install watch dogs

11:01 pm, October 12, 2014 hi, I bought a uplay key for watch dogs and am unable to install the game. when I go to uplay it shows up in the games area but only says play, if I click the play button it takes me to the steam sto [..] View

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Remove minimap and tagging of enemies.

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Hey Ubisoft, I just want to say that Watch Dogs is probably the best game I have ever played, I dont care if the graphics were downgraded. But I have som few ideas in mind. So it would be awesome if y [..] View

Please tell me you are still working on improving the game's performance!

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 After months and months since launch, the game is still horribly optimized with a lot of stuttering every 2 seconds, even at low settings. The latest patches only *slightly* reduced the stuttering, bu [..] View

So you pay for access to Steam to buy the game?

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 I bought a redeem code from a game shop, downloaded Uplay, activated the code and got the game. That's like post 2010 webservices and well nothing special about it (I think they are hiring monkeys in [..] View

Activating Watchdogs licence

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Hello everyone. First time in these forums :D Anyway. So I recently builded a new pc and with the motherboard came a free licence of Watchdogs. Today I tried to activate it in both Uplay and Steam and [..] View

Impossibile avvia il gioco

11:01 pm, October 10, 2014 Impossibile avviare il gioco errore impossibile avviare correttamente l'applicazione (0xc000007b) Cosa devo fare? Code: System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 10/10/2014, 20 [..] View

#WDCoop session 10/09 from 3-4 PM EDT

11:01 pm, October 9, 2014 Information retrieved: Join us for a new #Let's Play session with Animation Director Colin Graham. Where: When: Thursday, Oct. 9th at 3 PM EDT What: Bad Blood coop mode, Season [..] View

Running Watch Dogs in SLI on GTX 980 by Linus

11:01 pm, October 7, 2014 Check this important video about SLI and Watch Dogs Linus is using a beast pc as seen here (i7 4930, 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz, GTX 980's) Watch directly at the Watch Dogs [..] View

T-Bone: Second Amendment achievement bug

11:01 pm, October 7, 2014 Hello everyone, I have completed the requirements for the T-Bone: Second Amendment achievement but it won't unlock in uplay. Has anyone else had a similar problem like me? Thank you for any help you [..] View

Watch_Dogs "Breaks" Mouse Control in Other Games

11:01 pm, October 6, 2014 Apparently, playing Watch_Dogs and then trying to play any Bethesda game will result in a mouse that won't move. As per this thread: I guess Watch [..] View

Watch_Dogs Download

11:01 pm, October 6, 2014 Warum kann ich Watch Dogs nicht herunterladen? Ich sehe nur eine Fehlermeldung wenn ich uaf Download klicke: Überprüfe bitte; ob du mit dem Internet verbunden bist und ob gen&uum [..] View

Default Camera Repositioning

11:01 pm, October 4, 2014 OK, I've tried a few hits on Google, and the first pages that pop up are "cheats".. So I pretty much gave up. Is there ANY way to stop the game from repositioning the camera after you set it [..] View

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC German/Multi Language Pack?

11:01 pm, October 4, 2014 Good Afternoon, yesterday I had buyed the new DLC: Bad Blood for 15€. I had installed it and finally wanted to play, but the language better said; the voice is in Russian. My normal Watch D [..] View

Police say a handgun was detected

11:01 pm, October 4, 2014 Police say a handgun was detected in the rapper's luggage as he went through the security screening checkpoint at Burbank Airport on Wednesday. Shaw then left the airport before police could detain hi [..] View

Rollback 1.05 > 1.04

11:01 pm, October 3, 2014 Hello, everyone! I wanted to ask, if I can rollback on an older version of Watch_Dogs. From 1.05 to 1.04. Cuz I wanted to make a mini-film in WD using "free camera/god camera", and I can't [..] View

Watch dogs save file

11:01 pm, October 1, 2014 Hello, I deleted my watch dogs save by mistake and want to continue from where i left off. i want to get a save file for the mission 'Thanks for the tip.' And also want to know where and how to put it [..] View

Watch_Dogs launch & crash

11:01 pm, October 1, 2014 My watchdogs Launches and crashes within in instant. I have never had this problem before today, I reinstalled it and still came up with the same error. now I have thought about 2 reason why this is h [..] View

Game freezing/crashing after Bad Blood installation.

3:01 am, October 1, 2014 I just downloaded the Bad Blood DLC today. I can get through the first part, where you must escape the Blume building. However, I tried to escape on the elevated train, and as it headed toward the h [..] View

Can't play Watch_Dogs on Steam

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 Hi everyone, I bought Watch_Dogs on Steam a while ago and today I found myself unable to play it. Every time I launch the game I get an Uplay screen saying that I need to enter the key code for the ga [..] View

Watch Dogs Crashes on loading of career.

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 Hi there, So i have all the PC specs to be able to play Watch Dogs Deluxe edition (which is what I bought yesterday) and it downloaded fine, the first issue was that it wouldnt start because it said [..] View

wow this is bad

11:01 pm, September 29, 2014 Bought this game yesterday and its horrible tbh... first of all i HAD to download UPLAY to play this game (why the **** would i want UPLAY) if had steam. If i knew this beforehand i wouldnt have bough [..] View

Main menu bug??

3:01 am, September 29, 2014 Haven't played in a while, then I remembered I had the season pass, so I decided to give Bad Blood a try. The picture explains everything.[IMG][/IMG] Uhhhh? Isn't there supposed to be some words and [..] View

Privacy invasion and locked cars in Bad Blood DLC?

11:01 pm, September 28, 2014 I've found a few of these privacy invasion eyes in the DLC but you can't do anything with them. They show up on the map after you've unlocked some things. Is this a bug that carried over elements from [..] View

Stutter since 9/27/2014 patch

11:01 pm, September 28, 2014 I've been able to play Watch Dogs in an ultra texture setting while the others are high ever since. However, since the latest patch this 9/27, the game stutter so much to the point that it's not even [..] View

Possible Shop Bug

11:01 pm, September 27, 2014 Hiya Folks! The Shops in-game don't seem to work for me, I can't pawn watches to a pawn shop, Well the option is there but the items don't get sold and I don't get any money. I just can't USE the sto [..] View

Still stuttering and fps dropping

11:01 pm, September 27, 2014 Rig Gtx 680 (with newest drivers) i5 4670k 16GB ram When i first got the game (the day it was released) I play on the recommended settings and lowest settings. The game kept freezing and stutterin [..] View

Game freezes the first time you take eugene out

11:01 pm, September 27, 2014 I have seen other people complain of the same thing and I didn't see a thread dedicated to this one. The game is still running, you can ESC to options and such, but you cannot move T-Bone, bring up th [..] View

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